[Blackpool] LUG is open for business

Les Pounder lespounder at gmail.com
Tue May 8 09:42:50 UTC 2012

Hi everyone

This Saturday, 12th May, the LUG will be open for business 10am to 12pm.

Jon and I had a chat the other day, and Jon mentioned that he had learnt
alot more about Openshot, when giving his talk at UCubed the other week. So
perhaps it is now time to revisit this excellent app for a refresher?

I'm also conscious that the Python lessons were going really well, so the
question to ask is, do we want to continue with the Python lessons? If so
do we move to Object Orientated Python, and if we do, can Arran take the
helm and lead the session?

James, Simon, hope to see you at the LUG this week, either in person, or
via the hangout. Not seen you both for ages and it would be good to catch

Re: UCubed I will have a blog post and podcast uploaded this week for your


*Les Pounder*
@biglesp on identi.ca & twitter

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