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We could also chronicle our progress on the podcast?

Everyone, who wants to take part in this? Perhaps we could do this during
the LUG summer break?


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> Afternoon,
>        As you have no doubt seen or heard via the normal channels The Lin=
> Professional Institute have announced the Linux Essentials Program.
> This is aimed at new users to give them a basic foundation in Linux and
> in Open Source Software. This presents a great opportunity for the LUG.
> Over the last few years I have gained my Intermediate Licence in
> Amateur Radio. One of the ways you can study for this is via a local
> maturer radio group following a set syllabus.
> Some groups have managed to get organised enough to produce powerpoint
> presentations of the core lessons and run courses. These courses
> normally last a short period of time.
> An example of which can be found @
> The opportunity for the LUG would be to create a similar approach to
> this system but with regards to the new certifications.
> Following the syllabus ( ) we could
> create and maintain a training package allowing either individuals or
> other groups to use and learn and teach.
> This could also lead to the LUG being able to offer the course over a
> period of time to anyone who wanted to gain the qualification
> (Obviously the student would be liable for the exam fee, roughly
> =A330-40 at the moment).
> What I propose is that we could create a presentation,
> effect a full package that would be available for all to use.
> As you can see in the wiki link the syllabus is already broken down
> into topics and the presentation creation could be tackled on a topic
> by topic basis
> Any thoughts or feedback?
> Michael
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