[Blackpool] Specialist and vintage hardware going spare...

James Page jmsp.1983 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 1 11:36:46 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

I shared this to the Makerspace/LUG Discord recently, but I thought there might be a few other people still reading the list and I’d give it one last heave.

I’ve been clearing out some items and thought I’d ask if they’re of interest to anybody before I dispose of them:
- Sun Netra X1 server (no HDD, IIRC)
- Sun Ultra 30 tower; Sun keyboard and mouse
- Umax Super Pulsar (no HDD) – a vintage item from Apple’s Mac-clone era!
- Digital/Storageworks DS-BA356 SCSI storage array (includes a few SCSI HDDs)
- Benq 17” TFT SVGA display – no cables
- Acer 19” TFT SVGA display (1680*1050, I think) – no cables
All working last time I used them (although that was quite some time ago). Photos here: https://imgur.com/a/Lx7BABO
I’d like to get rid of them soon; if anyone’s interested in any items, I’m happy to arrange collection from me here in Blackpool or we can see what can be worked out for dropping off local-ish.

Otherwise, I’d prefer to be able to donate the systems to something worthwhile, if possible. It’s old stuff, but the Sun systems and Digital storage array have an attractive resale/spares premium on eBay listings and the Umax system has collectability value, so it seems a shame to have to take them to the tip. Some of the PC recycling schemes I’ve found only take kit from organisations (understandably). Does anybody have any suggestions?


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