[Blackpool] Free Sun unix computers and vintage mac clones.

Dale Roberts daleroberts.personal at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 00:11:23 UTC 2022

I got these gifted to me from this group a while back and I never got the
time to work on them. It seems right that I should offer them back to this
group. Here is the description that was posted way back when.

Sun Netra X1 server (no HDD, IIRC)
- Sun Ultra 30 tower; Sun keyboard and mouse
- Umax Super Pulsar (no HDD) – a vintage item from Apple’s Mac-clone era!
- Digital/Storageworks DS-BA356 SCSI storage array (includes a few SCSI

You would need to get hard drives and software online, but would be a good
project for someone.


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