[Chester LUG] old computer parts

Richard Smedley smedley358 at btinternet.com
Thu Jul 17 11:55:42 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-07-17 at 12:42 +0100, Joe Foy wrote:
> Some of you may remember that a little while ago I posted about having
> old computer parts to get rid of. We now have the first batch of
> stuff, not many computers in this batch (we have been replacing
> screens first) but there are about 5-7 pentium 3 machines. There are
> also 20-30 15/17in CRT's along with a couple of bigger ones (19-21in).
> There are also as many keyboards as you can carry.
> If you want any or all of this stuff please let me know as soon as
> possible as I will be operating on a first come first served basis.

Hello Joe,

I could take the PIIIs and the 17"+ monitors for an
educational project in Blacon [1] - if they're still


 - Richard

[1] Or, if I hear back about some other machines I'm
    waiting for, I have two more projects lined up
    and waiting ;o)

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