[Chester LUG] Re-Format your server's hard drive from your iPhone?

Ben Arnold iamseawolf at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 21:56:41 UTC 2009

I couldn't resist, given the fruity logo hovering around the last meet!

Reading though the pile of LXF on my desk, #112's Dr Brown's
Administeria had an article on TouchTerm. I can't vouch for anything
as I don't have an iPhone so I'll leave it as it was straight from the
horses mouth:

"Anyone who who'd like to be able to securely administer their Linux
servers from, say, Margate Beach (and who wouldn't?) might be
interested in a piece of software called TouchTerm, which is basically
an SSH client and terminal emulator for the Apple iPhone."

"TouchTerm includes a direct port of the OpenSSL and OpnSSH software
to the iPhone and offers RSA/DSA key-based authentication and public
key distribution via e-mail. It also includes an emulator for a VT100

It's free in the App Store, according to the website.


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