[Chester LUG] Manchester Free Software Talk - Micheal Sparks : Kamaelia - Tuesday 20th

Tim Dobson lists at tdobson.net
Mon Oct 19 01:17:19 UTC 2009

This month's Manchester Free Software talk will take place THIS
Tuesday - the 20th September.

This month's talk will be given by Micheal Sparks from the Kamaelia project.

Kamaelia[1] is a free software Python-based systems-development tool and 
concurrency framework originally developed by BBC Research & Development 
and subsequently released to the community.

Micheal Sparks[2] has been using GNU/Linux for over 12 years and has 
been contributing to various free software projects in varying levels 
for much of that time.

Micheal guides and leads the Kamaelia project and will be explaining 
what it is and how it works.

The meeting will take place at the usual time, 7pm, at the Lass
O'Gowrie pub on Charles Street in Central Manchester. We will be
located in the Salmon Room upstairs, although there will be people
around a little earlier downstairs(probably sampling the food and
drinks on offer). Just ask at the bar if you can't find us. Their
website[3] has full details of how to get there and the fine selection
of food and drink available. The venue also provides wifi.

Workshop Reminder
Manchester Free Software are planning to hold regular workshops in a 
similar vein to our current monthly talks.

Our first workshop, entitled "Future Planning", is due to take place
at 19:00 on Wednesday 21st October 2009 at Manchester Digital
Development Agency[4].

More Information

General information about Manchester Free Software meetings can be
found on our website[5].

If you would like five minutes to tell us about something, please
contact us at <team at manchester.fsuk.org>.

[1]: http://www.kamaelia.org
[2]: http://yeoldeclue.com/cgi-bin/blog/blog.cgi
[3]: http://www.thelass.co.uk/
[4]: http://manchesterdda.com/
[5]: http://manchester.fsuk.org/blog/meetings/

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