[Chester LUG] Open source costing software

Stuart Burns stuart.james.burns at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 18:02:45 UTC 2012


I have a client that has a very old (dos 5) costing package and it is very
legacy in so many respects. The developer went out of business over 15
years ago. I want to put a new web based costing package. They are very
cost sensitive, but it must be done. ie the machine has to be attached to a
certain type of HP printer to work, doesn't work on other machines (well I
have made it work in a way but it is down right nasty the way I made it

I know there a few products out there, but the problem is there are
multiple formulas, configurations and dependencies etc. (i.e. it ain't a
simple case of put in number of hours etc)

I'd like to also be able to do top 10 customers, bottom 10 etc etc.

Can anyone suggest a suitable package to investigate ?


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