[Chester LUG] Upcoming European privacy vote.

Stuart Burns stuart.james.burns at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 09:27:40 UTC 2013

Hi Everyone,

I thought I should just write and advise you freedom loving people of a
some legislation reform that may have a massive impact on all of us and our
pockets too.

Over the next month several European debates are being held in order to
come up with a European privacy rules concerning the internet and your
right to be forgotten. Other things they are discussing includes the
question of price profiling and management of information about you and the
security around it being weakened. The US lobbyists have already gotten
some input into drafting a bill and the chap overseeing privacy in the UK
now works for Google, and it suddenly becomes a bad thing!

We need to fight back and tell our representatives that they need to
carefully consider what goes in and we would love a well designed, thought
out and balanced privacy policy.

It involves maybe an hour of your time, to write 4 emails, one to each
group. Of course you can tell everyone you know about it as well

Check out the full story at http://www.privacycampaign.eu/
Stuart Burns
E: stuart.james.burns at gmail.com
M: [redacted]
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