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Les Pritchard les.pritchard at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 11:54:00 UTC 2013

Hi Roger and all,

Yes it's the end of the month already! There was some discussion about
another possible venue but I don't think that's been sorted yet. So for the
time being I think it will be in the Rake and Pikel.


On Monday, February 25, 2013, Roger Gibson wrote:

> Thanks for all comments.
> Re MS Support comment to reinstall the system annually, this came from a
> quite senior MS chap.  I assist a charity with IT, and in spite of many
> efforts by me, they stick to MS. However, I can't blame them, as Gates
> Foundation sells MS products to charities for peanuts.  I bought several
> desks of XP Pro and Full Office 2003 for about £3/£4 each.  Then when W7
> came out they sent me 50 licences free.  I was having trouble authorising a
> couple of these (authentication failed after about three months), and the
> problem got escalated up the chain.  Eventually it was fixed, but while
> talking to the chap, who rang me from Bangalore several times to check it
> was working still, I mentioned some other problems.  When he learned that I
> had installed the systems a couple of years previously, he said, try
> reinstalling. Registers get muddled etc, especially if applications are
> aborted and not closed properly etc. It worked, and quicker for a time.
> Must be the same reason you hear of all the system clean up programs etc.
> And re Thunderbird/Gmail synchronously IMAPed from Ubuntu/W7, I don't use
> calendar, but having looked, yes address book entries have multiplied, up
> to 30+ copies in some cases.I've got over 1000 separate entries.  The Gmail
> 'remove duplicate addresses' soon removed the duplicates, and I'll keep a
> watch on this now.  I had not noticed this, but maybe access to addresses
> was slowing.
> Living miles from the exchange, and with a telephone line little better
> than damp string, downloading is less than 1Mbps, so I'm used to things
> being slow, which is why I minimise the amount of live IMAPing, keeping
> hard copies of 'history' locally.
> So yes, it all works, but now I know of a couple of problems behind the
> scenes.
> Are we on for Thursday Les - Roger.
> On 24/02/2013 10:50, Sebastian Arcus wrote:
> Sorry for the stuff below. Slightly OT I'm afraid.
> On 22/02/13 17:57, Roger Gibson wrote:
> I dual boot Windoze 7 with Ubuntu (updated through many versions)and
> have no problems with rwx access to Windoze partitions (same on my
> desktop, laptop and notebook).
> Although I use a separate ntfs partition for my 'data' files, so as  to
> facilitate reloading/changing loaded OS, (MS software support
> recommended to me reloading Windoze every 12 months to remove
> 'inevitable ongoing corruptions')
> That's an interesting turn of phrase. Was that really one of the MS
> support people - or a third party supporting MS products? Just curious, as
> I might not like MS stuff myself - but even I don't have such a low opinion
> of their software.
> I can access Windoze partitions
> directly with no problems.
> Using Thunderbird, even IMAPed to gmail, both Ubuntu and Windoze 7
> happily work with the same profile sub-directory on my ntfs 'data'
> partition, ensuring these are up to date (and they run to about 10GB)
> whatever OS I am currently using, and can be used on or off line.  I
> also found SUSE triple booted in worked fine too.  The gmail IMAPing
> ensures I have transparent up to date total access to several years
> email history, address books etc on my NEXUS.
> What are you using to keep the TB contacts in sync with Google's end? Is
> it the "Google Contacts" add-on? If yes, how reliable do you find it? I've
> been trying various contacts and calendar sync options over the years with
> various back-ends - and I find it on larger number of items (300-400
> contacts, or over 2000 appointments) pretty much every system starts to do
> weird things after few months - either breaking the sync or randomly
> duplicating items.
> Thanks,
> Sebastian
> Roger.
> On 22/02/13 16:35, J Aguado wrote:
> I will been testing Mint tonight actually as I am in the process of
> finding the right distro to Dual boot my Window$8 desktop.
> At the moment only Fedora18 was able to recognise the (windows)
> partitions on my SSD drive and not complain about it.
> I did not find many issues with it, albeit having read all the reviews.
> Unfortunately, the fact that installing NVIDIA drivers on Fedora is a
> MAJOR pain is making me try Mint.
> Ubuntu's installer was not able recognise the partitions on my disk,
> so I do not have high hopes and see myself tweaking Fedora.
> If it works and recognises my hardware I'll let you know if I find
> other issues, but I know that there is a huge community behind Mint
> ever since Ubuntu started to move to Unity, so I have high hopes  ;)
> J.
> 2013/2/22 Stuart Burns <stuart.james.burns at gmail.com
> <mailto:stuart.james.burns at gmail.com>>
>     You could always install it in Virtualbox and see how you like it,
>     nothing lost if you don't. Just delete it!
>     On 22 February 2013 16:23, Roger Gibson <rcgibson at talktalk.net
>     <mailto:rcgibson at talktalk.net>> wrote:
>         And I was just going to give Mint a try.  I'll wait for an
>         'All Clear'before I go down that path.  Have to say that now
>         I've got used to it, the latest Ubuntu desk top 'straight out
>         of the box'  seems as good as any, but then I don't push it
>         hard.  Roger.
>         On 22/02/2013 15:54, Les Pritchard wrote:
>         Hi all,
>         Last night I decided to give Mint a go on one of my primary
>         desktop systems. I've used the Debian edition and previous
>         Gnome versions in the past, but with all the the Gnome
>         changes I have found myself using KDE more.
>         So I grabbed the KDE version of the latest Mint and installed
>         it with no problems. All worked really well and I was pleased
>         with hardware support etc. The problem came when I tried to
>         run an update. Apt-get returned a whole load of 404s when
>         trying to update, saying the servers could not be found.
>         A quick look into the sources file showed me that the repos
>         they had for the Ubuntu servers all r
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