[Chester LUG] Multi-booting a Samsung X102B Notebook

Roger Gibson roger at rcgibson.plus.com
Sun Feb 22 23:07:39 UTC 2015

I would be grateful for some help with the following.  I have had for a 
year or so a Samsung 64-bit X102B Notebook, which came with Windoze 8 
and UEFI.  It is a very nice machine, light, good battery life etc, but 
Windoze 8 is so crap.  Every so often a Windoze update starts Service 
Host or some other similar bit of software to mop up CPU usage, and I 
have, by trial and error, find out which update caused this, and 
uninstall it.  A previous notebook I had with lower spec just raced 
along with either Windoze 7 or Ubuntu etc, but I have not succeeded in 
getting this new one multibooted.

It seems that the latest Ubuntu 14.10 distributed with Linux Format cuts 
most UEFI systems and installs a sensible bootloader.  I would then be away.

Please will someone give me some dead easy instructions to create a USB 
stick with the appropriate Ubuntu installation files from the Linux 
Format DVD. I can do this on my Ubuntu Desk top.  I don't find trawling 
the web for ideas very helpful.  At least if I knew I had a reliable 
installation USB stick, I could start hacking the UEFI with some confidence.

Any help most gratefully received - Roger.

P.S.  I must come along sometime.

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