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Michael Crilly michael at mcrilly.me
Thu Jan 15 16:43:37 UTC 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I was wondering if I could lean on the collective knowledge of those who
own or have used (HP) micro servers for labs and other things. I'm looking
to buy one, perhaps two; what model have you bought recently, and how good
is it? I'm looking at this model:


I would upgrade the RAM to 16GB and throw four 2TB HDDs in there too. It
doesn't come with an optical drive, so I would fill this space with an SSD,
but I'm reading I'll need a molex splitter for this. Any thoughts or tips
on this?

The idea is this will become a lab for RHCE and BSD certificate studies. I
see the CPU is upgradable too, so perhaps that means I can add more life to
the system later on down the line.


- Mike
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