[Chester LUG] January Meet

Ben Arnold BenArnold at fsfe.org
Thu Jan 29 16:37:42 UTC 2015

On January 28, 2015 4:23:38 PM GMT+00:00, Steve Lilley <steve.lilley at beebl.co.uk> wrote:
|  Les
|  For one I will be able to make the LUG !! can’t wait to see the
|  Aardvark’s lair.
|  There was talk of me doing a demo of moving a wordpress site from dev
|  to live ? Sounds boring I know but it’s perhaps better described as..
|  **How goldfish use command line tools, using version control safely
|  by not learning git and taming the wordpress database**

Sounds good Steve -- I've never administered a WordPress installation so would be interested in the gubbins.

On my way over now for a little food and beer beforehand.


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