[Colchester] Gutsy Release Party

john at cloned.org.uk john at cloned.org.uk
Thu Oct 11 14:48:08 BST 2007

On Thu, 11 Oct 2007, Jai Harrison wrote:

> With the launch of Gutsy Gibbon (Ubuntu) there are some parties around
> the country. The big ones seem to be in Birmingham and London. Should
> we attend the London party or have our own? I'd like to know what
> peoples' thoughts on the matter are.
> Here's a few things to consider:
> <-> If we attend the London party we will need forms of transport to
> get to and from London. Train services back to Colchester probably
> don't run much later than 10PM (the last one I can get, living in
> Dovercourt, is 10:30PM).

Last train from Liverpool Street to Colchester is 00:48 (00:18 on a 


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