[Colchester] Uperwin Server and my web-page

Toby Whaymand toby.whaymand at ntlworld.com
Tue Oct 16 22:02:27 BST 2007

I really need to edit my web-page for example it would be better to have
Ubuntu, Novell and Fedora or Red Hat on top rather then the parent

So Uperwin - e-mail mate because I need to transfer to Hart (a hosting
business) so that I can make these changes.

Secondly I need to get the search engine working but I am unsure of the
coding.  I would like to use this link for as my search engine:


But I am unsure on how to do it so if any one know the code just e-mail
at toby.whaymand at ntlworld.com 



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