[Colchester] Best ISP?

Phillip Sacre phillip.sacre at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 22:46:51 BST 2007

I use Eclipse www.eclipse.net.uk), but in the past I have used BT.

Eclipse seem pretty good and were recommended to me by a couple of my 
friends, again they're not the cheapest on the block but you get what 
you pay for. I'm paying a bit extra for a lower contention ratio, and so 
far there have been no problems. Also you get a static IP address for no 
extra cost (not sure if this applies to all the plans though).

BT were pretty good when I was using them, but their support could be an 
absolute nightmare to deal with (hey, this is BT).

By the way, I upgraded to Gutsy Gibbon a couple of days ago, it seems 
pretty good. Hope the 'install fest' went well, apologies for my absence 
but I was rather busy with a tin of paint and a wall!


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