[Colchester] Job vacancies - Network Operations, System Administration, LAMP Development

Wayland Sothcott wayland at sothcott.co.uk
Sun Jul 13 01:14:39 BST 2008

Ben White wrote:
> Hi,
> We've got a couple of jobs open within our Network Operations team
> based in Great Blakenham just outside Ipswich.
> The company is an ISP, Timico Ltd who have aquired KeConnect Internet
> and Twang.net in the past couple of years.
> The Timico NOC is tasked with running the infrastructure and services
> for all 3 organisations.
> The job description is fairly fluid at the moment until we see some applicants.
> There's 2 positions open and with the successful candidates we need to
> find experience in network operations, system administration and LAMP
> development skills.
> More details and how to apply available at
> http://www.timico.co.uk/home/work_for_us.php
> Many Thanks,
> Ben White
Hello Ben,

I know KeConnect and have been a reseller of a company they aquired. I 
used to run a Wireless ISP and we used LAMP (Linux webservers) to host 
subscriber email and our web accounts.

Let me know.

01787 388165

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