[Colchester] The future

Toby Whaymand toby.whaymand at ntlworld.com
Mon Jul 14 00:10:06 BST 2008

The following is what I put on my Facebook page hence the type of wording.  I know you guys know more then me but I need to keep it clear for non-computer geeks anyways this is what I wrote it sure is interesting:

Brazilian schools are moving to a Debian standard OS but they have not published which OS it going to be yet... Let Hope it's Ubuntu!!!

What we do know that they going to be using KDE - Kool Desktop Environment.... Kubuntu runs on KDE...

Debian itself give you the option of KDE or GNOME...

51 million kids are going to be using Linux. With the French government using Mandriva and a huge number of American businesses moving towards SUSE Enterprise... The future is looking real bright for Linux!!! Oh Yeah

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