[Colchester] Linux Mint 18 on main computer

Wayland Sothcott wayland at sothcott.co.uk
Mon May 1 13:00:03 UTC 2017


That's excellent.

I find the biggest problem is the particular applications I need to use. 
A small one which has no alternative is MikroTik's winbox.exe but that 
works beautifully under WINE. I stole the fonts from the WIndows font 
directory and pasted them into the .fonts on Linux which made it look a 
lot better.

The other application is MS Access. There just seems to be no way to 
either run this on Linux or rewrite the frontend in anything on Linux. 
Yes I am already using MySQL back end on Linux. So I installed Windows 
XP in a VirtualBox and ran it in there. Since the VirtualBox has 
networking the MS Access database front end is able to use the existing 
MySQL database.

If I could get a version of MS Access to run in WINE I would be very happy.

If I could find an open source cross platform rapid application 
development environment I would be even happier. I tried install Free 
Pascal but it was such a dogs dinner I had to format my hard drive.


On 01/05/17 13:41, Tony via Colchester wrote:
> On this desk top I have LXLE.  I liked the early versions but think it 
> is losing direction a bit with a few annoyances.  I have Peppermint on 
> one laptop and another laptop with Manjaro on.  I don't have anything 
> with Windoze.  If I can't do it with Linux then it isn't worth doing 
> :) (although I find I can do everything I need with Linux).
> Tried Mint but didn't like it.  I prefer lighter distros that run 
> faster on my older equipment.
> Tony
> On 01/05/17 13:07, Wayland Sothcott via Colchester wrote:
>> Hello LUG,
>> What distro of Linux are you using?
>> On this laptop (HP EliteBook 8440p) I'm enjoying Linux Mint 18 MATE' 
>> desktop (that's mat-tay not mate).
>> I've had to solve a number of issues to ditch Windows, I can help you 
>> solve yours. I still have Windows 7 on my desktop machine. It's 
>> important that I have the choice.
>> My Raspberry PI is running Kodi and plugged into the telly. Did you 
>> know iTunes can use it as speakers? There's a funny story about how I 
>> discovered this.
>> Regards,
>> Wayland.
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