[Nelug] konqueror / kmail lockup problem

Eddy Younger eddy at shofar.uklinux.net
Sun Nov 17 14:17:00 UTC 2002

James Barton writes:

 > Now if I try to open a link in a new window, the new window doesn't appear, 
 > and the original window stopes responding to the mouse wheel. It can still be 
 > moved around by grabbing top bar, and scrolled with the side bar. However, If 
 > I switch to another virtual desktop then back again, it doesn't get redrawn 
 > properly - only the window edges are drawn. Also, the window can't be closed 
 > with its top-right close button.
 > Worse, if I try to open a konqueror window to view a link from an email, then 
 > the same thing happens to kmail.
 > I'm not quite sure what is wrong here, but I don't want to re-install KDE if 
Dunno. What does "top" or "ps lax" show the state of the unresponsive
processes to be ? Could it be a resources issue, if you have many
windows open at once ?

Have you tried any of the kde newsgroups/mailing lists ? (a search on
google groups might turn something up).

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