[Nelug] An Easy One for someone

peter.holmes at fopet-esl.com peter.holmes at fopet-esl.com
Wed Nov 20 16:25:03 UTC 2002

Hi, all.
For me, being a novice, I've got a small problem:

Two PCs one 1800+ Athlon, one 1600+ Acer Laptop.
Both essentially the same running Mandrake 8.2

I have a program (my_proggie) which compiles fine on both PCs.
When I type "./my_proggie" on the 1800+ it runs fine.
On the 1600+ Acer I get...
"./my_proggie: error while loading shared libraries: libwx-gtk-2.2.so
can't find file or directory"
I have examined the setup on both machines and can't find a difference,
the $PATH variables are the same, GTK libraries,etc., are essentially 
../usr/local/lib/libwx-gtk-2.2.so   exists on both machines.

I guess that a search path is missing but I haven't the foggiest where.

Suggestions. PLEASE.

Peter H.

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