[Nelug] Broadband on Linux

Peter Wolfendale coyote at polbox.com
Mon Oct 14 14:44:01 UTC 2002

I've got BT ADSL set up on an old p166 and routing to my network. It's 
very reliable it's just setting it up that is the problem. I cannot 
comment on any of the non-standard modems you can get, but the alcatel 
USB modem is good it is just very awkward to dial into it.

You need the alcatel driver mgmt.o a script to beam the driver to the 
modem (the modem has flash memory and so need the driver beaming to it 
every time you dial). You then need a dialing script which runs the 
beamer program, dials into BT and searches for the IP address you 
receive '217.*.*.*' and sets it up as a route. (It's also adviseable to 
build a firewal script into this).

If this is applicable to you I could possibly send you all the files you 
need and a little explanation on how to set it up.

P.S. to run this you need to have USB support and a few other things 
built in to your kernel.

Peter Wolfendale

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