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Iain Hay iain.hay at btinternet.com
Mon Oct 14 22:15:01 UTC 2002

I have the BTOpenworld ADSL (not BTbroadband - there is a difference as
that is capped to 1gig a day) and have had it running under Linux for a
couple of years now with the USB speedtouch modem. Initially I used
Mandrake (can't remember the version) and used the linux drivers
available from the alcatel site. They come in two parts as one is
proprietary and one open source. The information on how to do it is
available at www.adslguide.org I believe, as are the drivers. I may be
wrong on that as I do not have a web browser installed at the minute but
a search for speedtouch usb linux will pull up the info.

My current setup is a lot better and hassle free, I use an old Compaq
Deskpro 4000 (PII 233 64Mb Memory 64Mb ide flash card) as a firewall
running IPCop from www.ipcop.org. This handles the USB speedtouch just
fine although they cannot distribute the mgmt.o file. That is simply
uploaded to the box once before you start using it. I then have all my
machines hanging off a network hub connected to that PC. The firewall is
a good idea when permanently connected and as it is an old desktop it
runs very quietly. The PC cost me about 30 quid but you may have an old
box ready for it. The hardware requirements are very low.

If you need any more info drop me a line.


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Would anybody who has a broadband connection to their Linux
box like to comment on how to do it?

Specifically: what ADSL model do you use, what software
did you need to install, can you share the connection etc.?


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