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Brian Ronald Brian.Ronald at unforgettable.com
Tue Oct 22 19:28:03 UTC 2002

On Tuesday 22 October 2002 7:18 pm, Stephen Black wrote:
> Hi all
> Woul anyone be interested in an install day, either in late December
> (also a chance for an informal Christmas Drink) or in the new year.
> Regardless of if any outside installees turn up it would be a chance to
> get together and install some machines /exchange skills without being
> limited by the closing time of the bar.
> Steve
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Think about joining forces with Tyneside LUG if you like - we're having 
similar, restless ideas.  Here follow two (snip'd) emails from our list...
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Subject: [tyneside] Re: Meeting
From: Brian Ronald <Brian.Ronald at unforgettable.com> 
To: general at tyneside.lug.org.uk
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 19:45:22 +0100

> If you have any ideas about meetings, or what you would like to get from
> the group please discuss this on the general mailing list
> (general at tyneside.lug.org.uk).

This bit's addressed to everybody reading:

I'm thinking some bring-a-box thing would be cool.  Clearly, not in a coffee 
shop, unless it's all laptops like last time.  Some sort of help workshop, 
where hopefully we get enough people together in one room with people who are 
trying to figure Linux stuff out that somebody there will know of a solution.  
If there's nobody with a problem (hehehehehe, yeah right) we could just share 
tips and tricks etc.

I know lots of cool stuff about vi and KDE (although I bow before the superior 
knowledge of Rik, on both counts) and I can get networks working most of the 
time.  I know a few cool commands that can come in handy.  I know a bit about 
getting dual booting to work properly, too.  I'm sure other people could 
bring other skills along.

This kind of event (let's face it, it wouldn't be trivial - just like the 
install day) would need some publicity and planning.  If we don't expect it 
to be a very big thing, it could even happen in somebody's house.

Seem like an idea?  Does anybody else have any other ideas?  They don't have 
to be related to this one.  We could find experts to give presentations, or 
have other things happen.  Fancy a brainstorm?

Subject: Re: [tyneside] Re: Meeting
From: Stephen Patterson <steve at lexx.uklinux.net>
To: general at tyneside.lug.org.uk
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 13:03:08 +0100

Sounds good to me, so lets have some actual discussion on the list of
what the rest of you think? Is this a good idea, a bad idea or do you
just not care? Ah the many interpretations of silence :)

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