[Nelug] finding files

Andrew Hatch andrew.hatch at bluespace.com
Wed Aug 20 19:36:00 UTC 2003

> There is also "locate", try "man locate" for its options, but its
> really just a case of "locate index.html"

A nice utility - just tried it.  It gave errors about not finding the
database, so (on my Debian distro) I had to

# updatedb

as root, which went off to build the database that 'locate' uses.  After it
had finished scanning the filesystem, I tried

$ locate index.html

that did indeed list all occurences of index.html.  Very handy, thanks for
pointing it out to me.  Just for information, on my machine the database is
/var/cache/locate/locatedb and is 1.6MB for a filesystem containing 2.6GB of
files so it won't take up much space.  Running updatedb as a cron job would
be useful.


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