[Nelug] Inter-LUG paintball competition

Eddy Younger eddy at shofar.uklinux.net
Tue Jan 14 20:53:00 UTC 2003


There's a $SUBJECT being organised on the lugmasters list at the
moment, so I thought I'd ask if any NELUG'ers are interested ? (I'm
NOT). Fortunately (for us) it's probably going to be at Barnard Castle
so we're probably the closest LUG in the UK.

Here's the latest mail from the organiser; they're asking for teams of
5, so if anyone's interested in taking part can you please reply (to
the list) so I can respond with a yes or no.


Jono Bacon writes:
 > Hi all,
 > Thanks for your replies. I have been trying to sort
 > out some of the specifics, and as such some things are
 > still in the works.
 > It is looking like each LUG will need to provide a
 > team of 5 players. Each team will play in a series of
 > playoffs to determine which team is the winner of the
 > event.
 > The location of the paintball site is likely to be in
 > North Yorkshire (Barnard Castle). The reason for this
 > is that my brother runs a paintball field, and as such
 > I can work more closely with him organising it and
 > hopefully get a decent discount. Note: you will need
 > to make your own travel arrangements to the site.
 > the dates of the event have not been confirmed yet,
 > but it is likely it will be held on a saturday (and
 > sunday if there is more interest).
 > What I need to know from you guys is the teams that
 > you are submitting. Could each LUGMaster send me an
 > email to jono at kde.org with the following details:
 >  - LUG Name
 >  - The name of the five team members
 >  - Any dates when the team are not available
 > LUG's are are welcome to club together to form teams,
 > so if one lug has two interested people and another
 > has three, you can form a dual LUGged team.

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