[Nelug] REDHAT 8.0 & Win2000

lee lee.quick at ntlworld.com
Wed Jan 29 18:24:01 UTC 2003

The LILO switch andy is on about is a possibility all depends on what
version of
lilo is bundled with RH8.0 and i vaguely recall that RH default kernal is
not compiled with
the NTFS filesystem module by default,i played with RH once and recall
having to rebuild with
Read Only NTFS into the kernel was 2.10.xx vintage.

My solution was to install windoze on FAT32 and have full R/W access in
linux,without the kernel shenanigans.

Good Luck and hope the info points you in the right direction,

BTW if any LUG members would like Suse8.1 Pro burnt to CD's give me an email
off the list.
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> I believe you are right....
> It makes no sense though when Mandrake does the job with Lilo
> properly (even on the MBR) and Red Hat has a problem......
> The installation procedure reported that there were some problems
> with my hard disk (the usual message about the cylinders and that
> Linux may not function properly etc. etc.) but I installed lilo "properly"
> and still it doesn't work. Could it be that Red Hat does not see NTFS
> partitions and that the Kernel should be modified in order to do so ?
> (whereas Mandrake has no problem)
> Best,
> Costas
> Bets regards,
> Costas
> On 29 Jan 2003 at 0:42, lee wrote:
> > :) yup been there,i personally build a system designed to work
> > flawlessly as a linux box then if windows works thats a bonus hehe....
> >
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