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Stephen Patterson steve at patter.mine.nu
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On 01 Jul 03, Si (simon.oldham at sicom-systems.co.uk) wrote:
> a reasonable C/C++ programmer and I would like to learn more about the unix 
> specific application of the language(s) - I gather that there are unix 
> libraries that allow the programmer to interact with the operating system 

What little C++ (shouldn't that be D?) programming I've done has been
aided and abetted by Tom Swan's weighty tome - GNU C++ For Linux. ISBN
0-7897-2153-8, 800 pages for a snip at 35 quid. It includes some X
programming using raw Xlib, though for X you'd be better off running
of the X toolkits (FLTK is a relatively simple one to get started with).

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