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Nick Paton nickpaton1 at home.3b.co.uk
Sat Jul 12 01:02:00 UTC 2003

Hi everyone,

I'm new to Linux, and want to try it, since it does appear to have alot going for it, and fun factor built in with the open source bit as well.

I know this is a big question, but which version do you recommend?

With some assistance from books, and I'm sure, yourselves, I could try one of the freebee ones, but maybe it would be better to buy a package.  Any ideas?

I do need to have Internet access, and know that I can obtain drivers for  the PCI fitted Diamond Supra modem, which has a Connexant HCF chipset, as a "Linmodem".

I also have a Sapphire (ATI clone) Radeon 9500 Graphics card, which I also believe does now have drivers available.

So really at this stage, any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance

Nick Paton
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