[Nelug] RE: Nick - What Distro

Andy Hoult gonkster at jolt.co.uk
Sun Jul 13 12:36:01 UTC 2003

Mandrake is probably the easiest to use, although I find that RedHat 9 and
Suse 8.2 Pro all seem to have simple install methods too.

Get rid of that winmodem though, you'll have a hard time getting it to work,
there's some cheap serial port modems at www.ebuyer.com .

Also the ATI 9500 driver has 3d support with firegl-

There used to be a simple rpm for it on the ATI website, god knows where
it's disappeared to now :/


Andy Hoult
AKA Gonkster
Jolt Administrator


Message: 1
From: "Nick Paton" <nickpaton1 at home.3b.co.uk>
To: <nelug at mailman.lug.org.uk>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 18:34:12 +0100
Subject: [Nelug] Hello
Reply-To: nelug at mailman.lug.org.uk

Hi everyone,

I'm new to Linux, and want to try it, since it does appear to have alot =
going for it, and fun factor built in with the open source bit as well.

I know this is a big question, but which version do you recommend?

With some assistance from books, and I'm sure, yourselves, I could try =
one of the freebee ones, but maybe it would be better to buy a package.  =
Any ideas?

I do need to have Internet access, and know that I can obtain drivers =
for  the PCI fitted Diamond Supra modem, which has a Connexant HCF =
chipset, as a "Linmodem".

I also have a Sapphire (ATI clone) Radeon 9500 Graphics card, which I =
also believe does now have drivers available.

So really at this stage, any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance

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