[Nelug] Alcatel USB on BT

Peter Wolfendale coyote at polbox.com
Tue Jul 15 14:25:02 UTC 2003

Hi, I've had mine running for quite a while on redhat 7.2 through 9. I
know that all of those versions have the correct in kernel support to
run the Alcatel Speed Touch Modem you get with BT ADSL. You need several
files which I have on CD, it's really not hard to set up. THe script
I've got also starts routing to your network automatically allow there
is a bit of configuration needed.

I'd give it to you at the meeting but unfortunately I've been unable to
get to the meetings for several months due to one thing or another. If
you want to mail me at coyote at polbox.com I could arrange to meet you and
give you the necessary stuff, or we could arrange an ftp or something.


P.S. Steve I need to talk to you about those J40's and J50, to sort out
when you want them, I also have that copy of AIX 5L.

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