[Nelug] Revolution OS

Eddy Younger eddy at shofar.uklinux.net
Thu Jun 12 19:05:00 UTC 2003


Just to confirm, at the next LUG meeting on Weds 18th June we will be
showing the Revolution OS DVD. Many thanks to Paul Proctor for
offering the loan of a projector without which this would not be

I have emailed the director of the film to confirm that we have
permission to screen it:

J.T.S. Moore writes:
 > Eddy,
 > Thank you for purchasing REVOLUTION OS.  I am happy to give you
 > permission to screen the DVD at the North East LUG meeting.  Just let me
 > know when and where the screening will take place.  If I have time, I
 > will add you screening to the screenings page of the revolution-os.com website.
 > Best Wishes,
 > J.T.S. Moore
 > Director, REVOLUTION OS
For more information on the film see the web site:


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