[Nelug] Wireless Access

Martin Ward Martin.Ward at durham.ac.uk
Fri Nov 7 12:27:27 UTC 2003

I am currently using two Actiontec Wireless network PC cards to connect
two computers (the others are on ethernet).
The main PC runs Linux (Mandrake 9.0) using hostap_pci
to turn the wireless card into an access point, which works very well.
Recently I set up an old  laptop as a firewall/router running Mandrake 9.2:
I would like to move the wireless access point to the laptop, so that
wireless access is still available when the main PC is switched off
(or being used for games...)

The laptop only has one PCMCIA slot which is currently filled
with a USB card, so the options are a USB wireless adapter
or a "proper" wireless access point with an ethernet port.

Does anyone have experience of running hostap on a USB
wireless adapter?


Martin.Ward at durham.ac.uk http://www.cse.dmu.ac.uk/~mward/ Erdos number: 4
G.K.Chesterton web site: http://www.cse.dmu.ac.uk/~mward/gkc/

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