[Nelug] RE: Lindows

Andrew Hatch andrew.hatch at bluespace.com
Thu Oct 30 15:01:39 UTC 2003

> > My favourite has to be RedHat 9.0, there's even apt-get for
> > redhat now that makes updates nice and easy ;)
> up2date works on a simliar idea and has been in red hat since at
> least 7.3 (I havent tried any before or since)

The great thing about apt-get, on Debian at least, is that it does not
require the machine to be registered to any organisation/company such as
RedHat.  For me this was key in me choosing Debian over RedHat in that I
didn't have to register 12+ machines with RedHat in order to have up-to-date

Andrew Hatch

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