[Nelug] Lindows anyone?

Geof Cox geof.cox at economicpartnerships.com
Fri Oct 31 20:47:54 UTC 2003

I've no experience of Lindows but you sound as if, like me, you have
little or no Linux programming ability/interest, or indeed wider IT
knowledge.  If so, it might be useful for you to know that I've had
little problem with Red Hat 7 and 8 doing almost everything through the
KDE graphic interface, using mainly the OpenOffice suite, Mozilla and
the various
built-in programmes for things like .pdf reading and writing, etc.  In
fact I use Linux just like most general business users use Windows
without any problems and with a number of advantages - the only drawback
is that I have to have one Windows machine in the house too for my
12-year-old daughter to play recent heavily marketed games etc. on!

Peter Mains wrote:

> >From what I've gathered, Lindows seems
> to be classed as "Noddy's" Linux by
> many. Does anyone have any experience
> of this? Is it a distribution which
> might reduce my 'linux learning curve'
> gradient? I would welcome any advice.
> Regards
> Peter Mains
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