[Nelug] Cron results

Andrew Hatch andrew.hatch at bluespace.com
Fri Sep 19 14:54:00 UTC 2003

Sean Kelly wrote:

> Then, as your subject line seems to indicate, you should be 
> using cron.  
> man cron.  man crontab.  man 5 crontab.  It's all in there.
> Any output of a cron'ed command will automatically be emailed 
> to the user 
> account that the crontab belongs to.  To mail it to someone else 
> you should pipe the command into mail/mailx/qmail-inject/whatever
> and have that mail the output.  Normally it's just something
> like mail user at domain.name.com with the -s switch being used to
> specify a subject.
> Good luck,
> -- 
> Sean Kelly <lists at shortestpath.org>

Yeppers, got cron to work on this RedHat 7.3 box by doing the following:

someuser$ crontab -e

(launches into vi)

edited to show:

MAILTO=the-email-address at wherever.org
#*/2 * * * * /path/to/script.sh

(Here, script executes every 2 mins)

Thanks again,


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