[Nelug] High load avg, ps/top not responding - any ideas?

Lucifer lucifer at ihateaol.co.uk
Sat Sep 20 12:42:00 UTC 2003

I have a box which runs qmail with clamav and spamassassin to scan all
our mail and forwards it to other servers. its load average is currently
130+. running ps or top just locks the ssh session, i think the problem
may be related to spamassassin, but killall spamd just locks the session
too. its still processing mail, but i'm not certain how long it'll
survive at this load (its a dell, with fairly poor cooling). i don't
want to reboot it as i have no physical access 'till monday. there's not
many network connection/traffic, and the load is constantly climbing. is
there anything i can do?
Thanks for any suggestion.

(apologies if this mail is html, need to fiddle with thunderbird a bit)

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