[Nelug] cron and ssh

Andrew Hatch andrew.hatch at bluespace.com
Mon Sep 22 16:10:01 UTC 2003

Figured it out...

I'm not sure where the problem was, but it could be due to the following

1. the command on the final server was 'cp' which doesn't by default produce
output, so I added the -v option
2. I encased the ssh command in double-quotes and the remote cp command in

It now works!


> On Monday 22 Sep 2003 3:01 pm, Andrew Hatch wrote:
> > Any ideas why this script will work fine on a command line, but
> not return
> > when the script is executed via cron?
> Whenever this happens, the first thing to check is your PATH:
> cron does not run your .profile or .cshrc or whatever:
> cron scripts are executed with a very limited default path.
> Either set PATH in the script, or fully qualify the names of any called
> programs (such as ssh in your example).

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