[Nelug] Someone, somewhere knows the solution to this...

Peter.Holmes at fopet-esl.com Peter.Holmes at fopet-esl.com
Fri Aug 27 18:35:39 UTC 2004

Hi all. Have this small problem and as a relative newcomer to LINUX it's a bit of a poser.  
I cannot disable the Xterm screen blanker in a script file but I can if I enter commands 
manually.  Here's the griff:

MDK 9.2 running xterm in F7 console on LCD touch screen.

screen blanks after 10 minutes.

/usr/bin/mozilla -P almeter /var/www/html/gui.swf &
/usr/X11R6/bin/xterm s off

Have checked for X11:
and the options: StandbyTime, SuspendTime, OffTime and DPMS.
None are apparent.

APM is not enabled in kernel.
BIOS power management disabled.
There is no window manager.

Have also tried:
setterm -blank 0

I have also tried delays in .xinitrc in case another console is
resetting blanking after mozilla (& X-Window) have loaded.

However, if I kill mozilla and type..

]# xset s off
]# /usr/bin/mozilla -P almeter /var/www/html/gui.swf

.. screen blanking is disabled.

What the $£*!! am I not doing? Or doing what I shouldn't?
Any help appreciated

Peter H.

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