[Nelug] Reminder- NELUG meeting: 8.00pm, Durham Rowing club

James Ogden james at jeo.org.uk
Sun Jan 4 00:15:10 UTC 2004

Eddy Younger wrote:

>To date Paul is the only person to have volunteered to take on any of
>the work/responsibilities involved in keeping the group
>running. I personally would have no problem with you taking on the
>website/mailing list admin duties Paul, especially as noone else has
>It is necessary though for someone to be willing to act as a contact
>point for the group, and without that it's difficult to imagine how
>the LUG could continue to operate. There needs to be an email address
>on the website for contact purposes, and also published in Linux
>Magazine/Format etc so that interested people can get in touch.
>I'm perfectly happy to hand over the website and mailing list admin to
>Paul (if you're still willing to do this Paul), but my email address
>will need to be removed from the website (I will begin to bounce
>nelug-admin email) and a new home will need to be found for it. I will
>also be contacting the Linux magazines to have my email address
>I'm bound to say that the almost total lack of response to my original
>email seems to indicate there is only one person who actually cares if
>the LUG continues.
>Discuss ?

Not being able to help is not the same as not wanting the lug to 
continue!  I can certainly set up an email address which can be 
published as a contact point - I'd be fairly happy to handle the email 
too, but that does depend whether people on the list would see a problem 
with someone they'd never met (and, in fact, lives 300 miles away - for 
now) representing them.  Otherwise, I can redirect the mail (suitably 
spam-tagged!) to someone more familiar. 

If necessary, I can host the website too (on my DSL line) but I'm not so 
hot at actually maintaining them, so someone else would have to do that.

How many people are actually subscribed?



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