[Nelug] Meeting reminder 19th May 2004 - Durham Rowing Club

Richard Patterson richard at rp2k.co.uk
Wed May 19 16:32:56 UTC 2004

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| Hi, I'm hoping to make it to my first meeting tonight and was
| wondering if anybody could give me directions, I'll be using the
| coast road from Hartlepool to get to Durham more.
| Thanks in advance
| Barry Taylor

Hi Barry,

Not sure which road you are calling the coast road, but if it's the
A181, then just follow it all the way, you'll end up coming into
Gilesgate, just go straight ahead when you get to the roundabout at
the bottom of Gilesgate Bank

At the next roundabout, turn left onto  "New Elvet". At the traffic
lights, turn left onto "Old Elvet", then after all of the parked cars
(and main buildings), and a bit of a green on the right, take the
small road off to the left, (from memory, i think it's about 3 roads
all joining at the same point), you'll eventually come to a fork in
the road, and it looks like it might be someone's drive way straight
in front of you (it's just wide enough for 1 car), follow this road
all the way to the end... you've arrived at the Rowing Club ;)

All you need to do now is find the bar ;-) (as you come into the car
park, the small door you can see is the main entrance... the bar is on
the left just as you go in)

Look forward to seeing you there...

I'll send you a private email with my mobile number should you get
lost. (anyone else who wants my number, just drop me a quick email)



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