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Craig Bates cibates at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 3 16:52:38 UTC 2004

Hi Chris,

Sorry for the delay in replying, been busy :-(...

I run XP and SUSE 9.1 Pro on my laptop and they seem
to be playing fine.

It sounds to me that GRUB has a dodgy entry in the
config files, causing it to boot from (a non-existant)

Does it boot to GRUB ok? If so what options do you
have in there?

Without seeing the machine it's hard to tell what
state the windows partition is in. Can you see the
Windows partition from a DOS prompt (using a boot
disk)? If you can then "FDISK /MBR" will rewrite the
master boot record and allow it to boot back into

If you post your grub.conf (type "more /etc/grub.conf"
to get it in Linux) and also type "mount" and then 
"df" post the contents of those, it will give us a
better idea of your setup.

Let us know how you get on...


 --- c.w.hanning at durham.ac.uk wrote: 
> Hi there, 
> Variosu people have recomened linux to me over the
> past year or so and I 
> finally decided to take the plunge.  I'm a complete
> programming/linux/unix 
> newbie who's decided to break out of the Micro$oft
> bubble.  Having said that, 
> I still want to have Windows on my PC since I have
> various things that only 
> run under windows (various scientific thingys, I'm a
> chemistry student here 
> in Durham).  Now my problem, I've installed SuSE
> personal edition 9.1 on my 
> 2nd hard drive, but now I can't boot Windows XP from
> my first hard drive, I 
> just get a message saying "missing operating
> system".  I've tried 
> reinstallign XP from CD but with no luck, so at the
> moment I can only get 
> SuSE to run.  Does anyone have any idiot-proof
> suggestions of how to get 
> windows working again? 
> Cheers in advance folks, 
> Chris Hanning 
> PS Hopefully I'll be at your next meeting in
> November. 
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