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Hi All,

As you are probably aware, NELUG do not have a LinuxDay planned this year, 
however one of our neighbouring LUGs (Tyneside LUG) have planned a "Bring a 
Box" day. This is to take place on 9th October, in Newcastle.

More information is below... I am planning on visiting, to say hello to all, 
so if anyone else would like to go, I'll probably see you there.



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Subject: [announce] One week to go - Bring a Box (Linux Day)
Date: Saturday 02 October 2004 10:16
From: Brian Ronald <Brian.Ronald at unforgettable.com>
To: announce at tyneside.lug.org.uk

Saturday 9th October 2004, 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm
People's gallery, Discovery Museum, Newcastle

Next Saturday is our Bring a Box event.  This is part of the national Linux
Day, which takes the form of many free, local events like ours all over the

We start at about midday in the People's Gallery, in the Discovery Museum.
This is right behind the museum's gift shop, at ground level.  We will have
a network available (wired and wireless), and there's a small chance of
internet access too.  We will be finishing at about four o'clock, to get
everything put away before the museum closes.

You can bring any computer you like.  This is not just an install day.
While we will assist with Linux installation for those who want it, we're
also interested in seeing fully configured Linux PCs, devices, laptops etc.

Also, it's not a requirement of entry that you bring a PC.  If you're just
curious about Linux and want to see what it looks like and runs like, feel
free to come along.  There will be computers available for visitors to have
a play with.

If you wish to have a specific Linux distriution installed, or wish to have
access to specific Linux related software (for example, the latest version
of Samba or MySQL) please let us know by email this week, the earlier the
better.  We will endeavour to have the distribution available on the
network on the day, and on CD if necessary.

To people bringing their PCs: If you can bring a monitor, please do,
although we hope to have one or two available.  The museum and the group
cannot accept responsibility for items damaged, lost or stolen during the
event, so if you bring valuable items, please make sure you keep an eye on
them at all times.  If you want Linux installed on a computer which you
already use, please take a backup of your computer beforehand - if
something goes wrong during installation and your data is lost, there might
not be much we can do to recover it.

Remember, this is a free event.  There is no entry fee.  The Discovery
Museum is hosting and promoting the event at no cost to the group, thanks
mainly to the efforts of one Dominic Smith.
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