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Hi Richard
Not sure which address to contact you on so I have used both. Using REPLY it
automatically came up with NELUG.  Not sure how this works yet.

Here are some addresses of people who deal in spares so they may be able to
help. I have never used them myself so I can not comment on how good they

The Berwick on Tweed company who attend the computer fairs at Washington and
Sunderland traded as Computer Technology 2000 Ltd.  They are at Unit 8 North
Rd Industrial Estate, Berwick, TD15 1UN, Tel No 01289 303999.  They did have
a web site which used to highlight repairs and spares for laptops, but I did
not have it bookmarked.  After much digging I did come up with one at
www.computer-technology-2000.co.uk but all it shows is ISP and domain name
info so telephoning may be best.

www.laptopspares.com seems to be a good site with loads of parts.  By the
History entry it looks like ajp computers.

www.future-technology.co.uk  seems a bit more secretive as you have to
enquire for specific parts.

www.thelaptopshop.co.uk --?

Another company advertising in Micro Mart is Laptop Solutions PLC at
Birmingham 0121 455 8666. They say they can supply AC adaptors.
No web site quoted but the e-mail is: info at laptopsolutions.net

Hope you get some luck somewhere along the line

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On Thursday 14 October 2004 11:06, A Pearson wrote:
> Richard
> Was it you I was talking to last night at the Durham Rowing Club Linux
> meet? Can you advise please?
> If so I have some names of possible suppliers of laptop spares.
> Regards
> Alan
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Hi Alan,

Yes, it was me, I'm looking for an AC adaptor for a Dell Inspiration 5100
laptop. If anyone knows where i can get one cheep, then please let me know.



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