[Nelug] Re: PC free to a good home...

Daniel Tweedy daniel_tweedy at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 26 04:33:53 UTC 2005

Hi Richard,

Just thought I would mention that some of the interested people might 
like to know what sort of case it is in, and rough size of it.

Also I'm curious as to how you knew the cpu was knackered, did it boot 
up at all ? or did it boot up and just reboot itself at random intervals 
when your least expecting it and using it :|

Have tried replacing the ram and hard drive, and its not that thats the 
problem only thing not tried is the chip itself.

Sorry to hijack your email tho.

Richard Patterson wrote:
> Oops... CPU was knackered... So it's a Pentium 233 MMX now...
> Richard Patterson wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I have an *old* pc free to a good home... spec is as follows:
>> AMD K6II 400
>> 144MB ram (EDO)
>> 10GB HDD & 2GB HDD
>> 3com 3c900 net card
>> 3com 2c595 net card
>> (NO keyboard, monitor or mouse)
>> Has slackware 9.0 on it at present, but you could put anything on it...
>> Would be good as a firewall or a "play" box
>> I'll bring it to the next meeting if anyone would like it.
>> Regards
>> Richard
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