[Nelug] Dougie's Junk Box (swaps and give-aways)

Dougie Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 13:42:55 UTC 2005

Richard Patterson wrote:

> Ok, i'll take it... but you can bin the batteries... ;-)
I've not opened the bag for nearly a year now. Not sure what's in there. 
We'll find out when I bring it along. I think there's a couple of PCMCIA 
NICs that I might hang on to.

> I was thinking it would be possible to switch both bulbs on at the 
> same time via the PIR..

Actually that's a thought. No problem I'll leave the bulbs in.

>>>> CPU fans/heatsinks
>>>> --------------------
>>>> 2 X Coolermaster DP5-5G51
>>>> 1 X DP2-5G52 - labelled as 'Slot A Athlon to 850Mhz'
>>> No thanks...

>>> Damn! Thought you'd bound to want them ...
> Oh, ok then, bring them along, i'll take them anyway ;-)
Brill! Something else out the house.

>> I thought of them for the null. But when I looked at the labels and 
>> saw they were over a year old they're probably better in the bin.
> In the recycling bin i hope ;-) (or take the newer ones to the doctors 
> / dentists)
Nah, it's not the magazines. It's the cover DVDs that came with the 
magazines that I'm talking about.


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