[Nelug] Hi All

Daniel Tweedy daniel_tweedy at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 17 07:23:47 UTC 2005

Hello Dougie,

Thank you for that, I have been looking on ebay and found 2 I like the
look off, just a little concerned about battery life is all.

Are batteries reasonably cheap and affordable for ups?

> Daniel Tweedy wrote:

>>I am in need of a ups, or well actually just fancy one really :-)
> Many years ago I paid hundreds of pounds for an APC 1000 which has
> worked pretty well but now sits in the garage in disgrace under 
> suspicion of tripping the RCD once too many times. (I think the 
> batteries are knackered).

> I have picked up some stonking bargains on ebay, even with postage, for
> other APC UPSs. I have a large 'rack-mounted' UPS running two PCs, hub
> and router. The UPS sits on the floor looking a bit silly. But I don't
> mind if it doesn't. So it might be worth checking out ebay for second
> user kit. I got some real bargains there and have never regretted it. A
> fraction of the new price. It surprised me really as the postage wasn't
> even that bad.

> Dougie

daniel_tweedy at yahoo.co.uk

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