[Nelug] Hey Guys.

Richard Patterson richard at helpquick.co.uk
Thu Sep 29 16:06:23 UTC 2005

Scott Wilcox wrote:

> Hey folks,
> Just thought i'd send a quick hello message :) I live in Stoke on
> Trent, Staffordshire, but it seems that you're my closest LUG. I use
> Slackware as my choice of distro and main interests are
> webdesign/web-related technologies.
> Hope to help/learn from you folks over the coming years :)
> Scott.


Welcome to the group... not sure about us being the closest to you...

I know there is a staffs one, but not sure how active it is... have a
look on http://www.lug.org.uk/lugs/wm.php, for a list of closer ones.



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