[Nelug] Tool for editing EXIF data in a photograph

Aleksander Helgaker aleksander.helgaker at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 19:08:09 UTC 2006

When photographing recently I noticed that the date was wrong on the camera.
Instead of 2006 it was set to 2005. I changed the dates in F-Spot but after
putting two pictures up on Flickr it seems that F-Spot does not store this
change in the files EXIF, but in some seperate file as the photographs on
Flickr still onctain the old date. I also get the old date when viewing the
EXIF data in eye of gnome. Is there a Linux program I can use to edit the
EXIF data in these photographs?

P.S. Not really Linux related, but does anyone have any photographic
equipment they want to get rid of for a low low price? I'm a bit of a camera
entusiast and I've got quite a collection of old cameras back home in
Norway. It doesn't matter if it's broken. I enjoy working on broken cameras
trying to fix them etc. Not long ago I fixed an old soviet camera which was
great fun. Anyway, if anyone has anything, film cameras, lenses, etc, I'm
the guy to tell :)

P.P.S. Digital compacts are of little interest. I mostly interested in film
cameras and equipment.

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