[Nelug] Free WiFi router from Fon

Richard Patterson richard at helpquick.co.uk
Fri Dec 22 09:05:35 UTC 2006

Martin Ward wrote:
> I recently bought a WifI router for a fiver from Fon:
> https://en.fon.com/info/whats_fon.php
> They are now offering a free to one friend that I send an invite to.
> Anyone interested?
>> We want to celebrate this season by offering you the opportunity to give
>> away our WiFi router La Fonera completely free to your friends.
>> In your User Zone you will find invitations that you can send to any friend
>> that is not yet a Fonero. These invitations for a free La Fonera are
>> redeemable in the FON Shop.
>> After your friends get their free La Fonera make sure they register it
>> and join the FON Community.

This sounds interesting... Do you share your wifi network?

I can't resist the "Givers Gain" mentality...

I'll have one, and see if i can connect it to another interface on my
firewall, cos i don't want just anyone having access to my network,




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